Why Liven?

The Ritual

The main meaning about these products is the personal ritual behind them. Rituals matter, they slow us down and connect us to this moment to awaken to our true selves. Rituals are simple actions of daily life that are given purpose with gratitude and health in mind. Rethinks the rituals for “Here and now” according to contemporary daily needs.


Healthy Ceramic

The entire Liven collection is made of ceramic enriched with white tourmaline, a semi precious rare Brazilian gemstone. This type of gem carries a permanent electrical charge when subjected to heat, releasing beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions that helps in the purification process and achieving alkalinity.


Traditional Craft

Exploring the artisanal secrets of an age old Taiwanese tradition, Acera interprets the ancient craft of pottery. Every piece is made and decorated by hand, crafted with select materials imported from around the world. Made with rigorous control, multi stage quality inspections and patented high temperature techniques.