Snow Crystal Tea Set

Snow Crystal Tea Set

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6 Cup Set

Tea Pot:32oz strainer in spout

Tea Cup:5oz

ACERA’s “snow crystal glaze” originates from traditional two-color sagging of Tianmu color glaze of the Song Dynasty. Through independent innovation, it becomes four-color sagging crystal-patterned glaze. During the cooling process following high-temperature firing, we strictly control crystallized substances to ensure that they are in the saturated state. After cooling, the natural snowflake-like colorful crystal glaze is obtained, thus the name “snow crystal glaze”.
The crystals of “snow crystal glaze” have various shapes, just like ice flowers on windows in winter or stars in the night sky. Under the irradiation of light, they show brilliant, dreamlike glaze colors. Varied natural glaze colors displayed by multicolor sagging endow each snow crystal glaze with unique nobility.

The Tourmaline Anion ceramic Tumbler contains no lead or cadmium; it is environmentally friendly and can purify water instantly. Let drinking water stand for 1-3 minutes, the smell of chlorine will reduce or disappear. Water will become Ionized and more alkaline. Learn more in product info 

ACERA LIVEN China features unique cultural totems and is processed with multiple handcrafted techniques and repeated high temperature treatment. 
Please note**All products are handmade and vary slightly with how the glaze will settle.