About Live Vessel

Live Vessel is a functional, fashionable blend of aesthetic and technology. The quality and purity of a beverage should be timeless like its vessel.

A Live Vessel is a luxury travel mug designed to optimize not only the quality, look and taste of your beverage but your overall experience. "Live" represents the appreciation that comes from being consciously aware of each moment. A "Vessel", representing the ceramics of the Tang and Han dynasty reborn into fashionable art pieces for modern day use.

William Robinson, the founder of Live Vessel brings a unique passion to the company. Since a very young age, William paid attention to fine detail and artful aesthetics. With an art background and a passion for presentation, it is natural that William enjoys an everyday event like drinking a beverage from these handmade vessels. William feels that drinking from LIVEN tumblers makes "a simple experience becomes a memorable event.” The beverage tastes sweeter, and the very act of drinking from a beautiful tumbler makes you appreciate the moments and the true presence of fine craftsmanship.

William discovered these unique tumblers hand crafted in China and Taiwan by an endless search for the perfect way to travel with tea and water. When he discovered the gorgeous handmade tumblers by ACERA artisans, he immediately fell in love with their fine craftsmanship.  William saw that a tumbler of ACERA’s kind was missing in the US market but thriving throughout China and Taiwan and became inspired to create Live Vessel to bring ACERA's LIVEN series to the US.

Why choose LIVEN tumblers?

LIVEN products are for conscious consumers. They are eco-friendly travel tumblers specifically designed to optimize your drinking experience. Unlike any other common bottle, LIVEN tumblers improve the quality and taste of your beverage with its patented tourmaline anion technology. All materials selected by ACERA are safe: cadmium and lead free ceramics as well as all plastics and silicone proven safe by the FDA and SGS.
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