Our most Frequently Asked Questions and facts about our products answered by our founder, William Robinson!

Are your ingredients organic and gluten free?
Live Vessel’s products are both organic and gluten free, making it a delicious option for the health conscious and those who deal with celiac disease to consume. They are also free from dairy and soy, this is why so many locals choose Live Vessel mylk for their morning coffee and smoothies.

How long does the mylk last?
Our mylks last 7 days in the refrigerator, they are made completely fresh and do not contain any preservatives.
We also recommend freezing your mylk by pouring it into Pyrex glass container and thawing on the counter when ur ready to use or freeze into ice cubes. This will extend the shelf life so you don’t have to rush through using it within the 7-10 day period .

What makes Live Vessel different from store-bought milk?
Live Vessel’s plant-based mylk is different from store-bought milk in so many beneficial ways. We promise to never add preservatives or nasty chemicals to make our products last. This takes away from the rich flavor profiles our mylks contain.
There are no guar or xanthan gums, no citric acids, no added sugar, and no unnatural flavoring. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that will never make you second guess your health decisions.

How can you use the mylks in everyday life?
You can use Live Vessel mylks in so many ways, they are so diverse and will add a pop of flavor to anything!
Our customers love putting it in their coffee, making smoothies, baking with it, making unique ice pops for summer days, and warm cookies on a winter night.
Or simply drink it straight up!

What flavors does Live Vessel mylk come in?
Live Vessel mylk comes in many different varieties and flavors.

Our standard flavors are matcha, cacao, strawberry blush, and lavender luna.
We offer different varieties of nut mylks that include almond, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, and toasted coconut.
We also have seasonal flavors that have our customers wait for all year!
In the fall we have pumpkin spice, golden turmeric, and cinnamon pecan,
and in the winter we have our famous cacao peppermint and nut-nog.

So come to the Ramsey Farmers Market every Sunday and try a free sample!

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