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The concepts behind LIVEN: 
"Liven" is a Chinese phonogram meaning flowing water signifying vibrancy, health, and energy.  "Liven" products aim to embody these qualities and integrate them into everyday life.

LIVEN · Product Health Features:

  1. Reduce residual chlorine in running water and optimize the water quality to make the water softer and sweeter.
  2. Bacteriostatic: Reduce the total clump count and coliform bacteria to enhance the water quality and lower the danger and harm of bacteria in water.
  3. Dissolved oxygen: Increase the water hydronic oxygen dissolved volume and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the human body.
  4. Non-leaded cadmium: Liven and the whole series of products have been tested under international SGS authorization as non-leaded cadmium and environmentally friendly healthy pottery, meeting national standards.

LIVEN · Health preservation Taoism:
Drinkable water: Pour water into the Liven cup then wait 1-3 minutes before drinking and it can reduce chlorine smell in water; the water will have a better quality and be sweeter to drink.
Tea: Making tea with the Liven cup and drinking tea from it will reduce bitterness to make the tea have a more fragrant flavor.
Coffee: Drinking coffee with the Liven cup will make coffee fragrant and lively.
Red and white wine: It can reduce the spicy taste at once and taste sweet and smooth like the old wine stored for years. Drinking wine in a Liven cup can make the wine wake faster.
Beer: It can make the foam in the beer more refined, reduce the stomach bloating and make the taste smoother
Floriculture and plant botany will enhance  and elongates the life of any plant or cut flower. Also use to repurpose to help the plant grow and thrive with earlier blooms compared to a common vase.

Tourmaline Series · What is Tourmaline?  
LIVEN Tourmaline Series uses valuable white crystal tourmaline, together with its exclusive formula and burning technology. The delicacy of the hand-carved details and exceptional artistry add to its functional and artistic values.  Tourmaline is an alternative name for verdalite; it is the only permanent electriferous mineral. The minor electricity generated as 0.06 ma is the same as the impulse wave of the human cranial nerves. Continuously releasing infrared and anions, the function can reduce big water molecular groups into subsets and give common drinking water natural spring waters sweet taste, as well as improve the water absorption of the human body.


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