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The Zero Waste Collective's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Zero Waste On The Go!

Live Vessel Featured on Live Vessel brings you the perfect combination of hand-carved artistry, functional beauty for on the go! Perfect for any beverage, hot or cold, at home or out and about. This beautiful travel mug series will have you reusing all of the time! Words from the Founder: "In every ceramic piece, the delicacy of the hand-carved details and exceptional artistry add to its functional and artistic values. Glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturer process, products in the LIVEN Series utilizes a far range infrared (FIR) technology pioneered by ACERA. When applied to crystalized tourmaline, that mineral constantly releases the same healthful negative ions you breathe in near a waterfall or...

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Mothers Day Gift ideas and more!

Mother’s Day is coming and we want to share the love with 25% off your entire order and some great ideas to make her day special! Treasuring a moment with mom! Creation is my love language , it comes from a heart full of passion and sharing a living vessel with someone you care for connects you in such a special way! Show mom the love by creating a beautiful spread for an intimate brunch with family is always better than going to a busy restaurant. Need gift for mom?  let’s not forget about the soothing and tension relieving octopus massager and @herbivorebotanicals body oil for a truly relaxing experience ! by pouring either cool or hot water into its...

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About our founder...William!

My name is William and I am the founder of Live Vessel 🙏🍵 There are a couple of things I want to share as I become more personal on this page! First off, this is me in the picture above doing what I love most. Creating and eating matcha treats 🤤. How I express myself is a truly meditative experience and the content I create on my pictures come from the heart💚🌿🍃 I want to give more of myself to Live Vessel and share my journey with you 🙏 thank you to everyone who has shown me support and love for the past 3 years 💗 looking forward to many more

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Brooklyn Coffee and Tea festival 2018

  We met so many amazing people at the 2018 Brooklyn coffee and tea festival and are so Grateful! This year was one of the most memorable experiences we ever had  and we had so much fun laying out the design of our booth and throwing rose petals everywhere  Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, new and old faces that returns year after year, we are so honored to meet you. We have connected through the love of coffee and tea and how we drink it! Acera and their products have been a huge passion of our and the collection we have curated is so special to us and our loyal customers  our matcha and other eco...

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The Ocean Clean Up

  Find your light and follow it 🙏  striving for a healthy life style is a challenge in itself but trying to be waste free is a lot of hard work... starting with a travel mug to reuse and refill has such a huge impact on the world and even your health! We have partnered with @theoceancleanup clean up our oceans filled with huge masses of trash and plastic taking up miles of the Caribbean ocean 🌊 this waste has compiled over the past couple of decades creating enormous islands of garbage... when you purchase anything from Live Vessel, a portion of the sale will support 3 different organizations that reflect our vision to change the world 🌎 !  Let’s...

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