The Ocean Clean Up


Find your light and follow it 🙏  striving for a healthy life style is a challenge in itself but trying to be waste free is a lot of hard work... starting with a travel mug to reuse and refill has such a huge impact on the world and even your health! We have partnered with @theoceancleanup clean up our oceans filled with huge masses of trash and plastic taking up miles of the Caribbean ocean 🌊 this waste has compiled over the past couple of decades creating enormous islands of garbage... when you purchase anything from Live Vessel, a portion of the sale will support 3 different organizations that reflect our vision to change the world 🌎 ! 

Let’s start a global movement!! 🍃🌱🌿@carly_bergman When you throw your trash away, where is “away”? 10% of the world’s plastic ends up right here, in the ocean. Tomorrow starts Futuristic February which is a campaign I created to raise awareness against overconsumption of plastic in the world. Check my Instagram story and post from two days ago for the details! Take pictures throughout February with the hashtag #FuturisticFebruary on post/story and tag me for a feature on my Instagram story! Don’t forget to upload a pic Feb 28th of your collected waste to raise awareness! *
* 🌊While living your best conscious life, consider this challenge to better the planet. We are inspired and driven to change!