Less Waste + Better Taste

As someone who hates using throw away cups while I'm on-the-go, I'm always looking for the perfect reusable one. I don't think I've ever come across a more beautiful travel mug than my One-O-One LIVEN from Live Vessel. It makes drinking an experience, and offers top quality, gorgeous looks & a fresh taste. Live Vessel is morphing technology and aesthetic, and bringing us fashionable travel mugs we can use for years to come. The creator, William Robinson, has always paid attention to fine detail and appreciated aesthetics in craftsmanship. Naturally he fell in love with the art behind LIVEN tumblers. He says, "a simple experience becomes a memorable event," when drinking from one of their creations & I couldn't agree more! Click below to see what makes them special & why luxury travel mugs are fashion's future in drinking. {keep your eyes peeled for a sweet code}

Fun Fact: 'Live' represents appreciation which stems from being consciously aware, and 'Vessel' represents the ceramics coming from
the Tang & Han dynasty transforming into usable modern day art. 

William went on a search to find the perfect travel companion for tea and water. He stumbled upon ACERA artisans creating gorgeous tumblers, and saw an opening in the US market. Noticing their popularity throughout China & Taiwan, William knew the states would be just as excited to get their hands on one {or 2, 3, 4}. The eco-friendly LIVEN travel mugs created by the artisans have a patented tourmaline anion technology which helps improve the quality and taste of your drink. The tourmaline-crystal glaze acts as a natural filter helping to keep your water fresh {like a natural sweet spring}, while the double-wall heat insulation technology protects your hands from heat.

I have some lovely news for avid wine & beer drinkers. LIVEN mugs help wake wine reducing the spiciness and allowing a smoother 'old' taste. For beer, it reduces stomach bloating with more refined foam and smoother taste. With water the LIVEN will reduce the smell of chlorine making the water more sweet for drinking, and reduce bitterness in tea. For the green thumbs, enhance the longevity of your flowers by using it as a vase!  

Curious about the health features? See the four below:
{taken from livevessel.com}

Reduce residual chlorine in running water and optimize the water quality to make the water softer and sweeter.
Bacteriostatic: Reduce the total clump count and coliform bacteria to enhance the water quality and lower the danger and harm of bacteria in water.
Dissolved oxygen: Increase the water hydronic oxygen dissolved volume and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the human body.
Non-leaded cadmium: Liven and the whole series of products have been tested under international SGS authorization as non-leaded cadmium and environmentally friendly healthy pottery, meeting national standards.

The One-O-One Collection has mixed traditional ceramic art of China and European style design to create minimal & modern travel mugs featuring textures inspired by Taipei's skyscraper 101 which was created by Italy's Hanger Design Group. Absolutely stunning, am I right?! Mugs come in three different textures: “flying to the clouds”, “dreamy starry sky” and “free soaring” as well as, five colors: mint green, old-rose, stone blue , ivory and mocha brown. You can have one for every mood, every outfit & every occasion. The Free Soaring spoke the most to me ;)