Water Thru Skin x Live Vessel

When sustainable and ethical fashion is so comfy, you walk into your meetings like..... Fairtrade, eco and handmade ceramic mug enriched with white tourmaline (Brazilian crystal) that releases beneficial infrared rays and negative ions when subject to heat purifying and alkalinizing (gives higher pH!) the drink in your mug by @live_vessel. Use code "waterthruskin15" for a discount! 😎☕️🤘😋 During the next few days I’ll be sharing some incredible upcoming brands I’ve partnered with to show you guys how easy, chic and rewarding it can be to dress with (and support) eco-friendly, vegan and fair-trade brands. Is there anything you want us to focus on? Any questions you have? Anything you want to see? This is your opportunity to get all answers! (At least all within my knowledge and experience 🤗) Let us know by commenting below. Happy conscious Thursday, babes! Xx 🧘🏽‍♀️🤳🏽 Wearing pants and a blouse from @xcviofficial’s 2018 collection made with RoHS certified nontoxic dyes (contain no harmful metals chemicals) and handmade by artisans getting a fair wage and humane working conditions. Use code “waterthruskin” at checkout for a discount! Italian booties made from old fishing nets by @verdurashoes. Handmade hoops with ethically sourced clear quartz by @krystleknightjewellery. Gold necklace with a raw kunzite crystal by @joannestonedesign

Thank you @waterthruskin we hope you are enjoying your travel vessel 🙏💗 Buenas!!! So...I looked around me this morning and realized that I've created a life that revolves around handmade, homemade, energetic, eco & natural elements, and I LOVE it! It's so much easier than we think! 🌸♻️🍓 I have one announcement and one question for you guys! 1) For my coffee/tea lovers, I discovered the eco and fair-trade coffee mug of my dreams!!! It's handmade from ceramic (cadmium and lead free) and is enriched with white tourmaline (Brazilian crystal) that releases beneficial infrared rays and negative ions when subject to heat. This purifies and alkalinizes the drink in your mug! How fantastic is that?! I had been looking for something like this for so long! You know how much I love my daily dose of organic and fair-trade coffee, and now I finally get to drink it with a higher pH. Their designs are beautiful too! Go check them out and use code waterthruskin15 for a discount! ☕️ 2) I want to know what your favorite superfoods are. I've been consuming superfoods for the past three years and they have helped my health tremendously! From balancing and curing my thyroid disease, to boosting my immune system and keeping diseases away from my body and mind. (Last time I got a cold was three years ago!) Which superfoods do you guys add to your daily smoothies? Or, what's your favorite superfood recipe? Comment below. I'm dying to know! For more info on my favorite superfoods, head to my blog.